Academic Programme


Wednesday, 4 September

8:30 Registration

9:30 Welcome Addresses by Jens Gurr, President of the GER, Jonathan Gross and Naji Oueijan, Joint Presidents of the IABS and the Convenor, Norbert Lennartz

Norbert Lennartz (Vechta, DE), Introduction

10:00 Chair: Norbert Lennartz (Vechta, DE)

Keynote I: Denise Gigante (Stanford, USA), Transgressions in Taste: Libraries Ornamental, Gastronomical and Bibliomaniacal

11:00 Coffee Break


Panel I: Transgression in the Shelley Circle

Chair: Christoph Bode (Munich, DE)

Cian Duffy (Lund, SE), "Like one who loved beyond his nature's law": Dying Plants and Transgressive Passions in the Poetry of Percy B. Shelley

Sophia Möllers (Dortmund, DE), The Historian Turned Anatomist of the Soul: Tracing Transgressive Psychology in William Godwin's Mandeville

Panel II: Transgressive Overreachers

Chair: Naji Oueijan (Beirut, LB)

Richard Lansdown (Groningen, NL), Faustian Transgressions: Byron's Cain and The Deformed Transformed

Dennis Weißenfels (Duisburg-Essen, DE), Between Transgressive Rakes of Old, Byronic Heroes of the Day and Dandies of Tomorrow: Eaton Stannard Barrett's Six Weeks at Long's

13:00 Lunch Break


Panel I: Oriental Transgressions

Chair: Jonathan Gross (Chicago, USA)

Naji Oueijan (Beirut, LB), 19th-Century Transgressive Oriental Art

Marvin Reimann (Bonn, DE), Byron's The Giaour: Dismantling the Boundaries be­tween Orient and Occident through Romantic Irony

Panel II: Byron's Transgressive Sexuality

Chair: Denise Gigante (Stanford, USA)

Savo Karam (Tripoli, LB), Transgression of Sexual Parameters in Byron's Lara

Madison Chapman (Chicago, USA), Byron and the Frustration of Queer Grief

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Chair: Jens Gurr (Duisburg-Essen, DE)

Keynote II: Diego Saglia (Parma, IT), Of Flesh and Boundaries: Romantic Transgressions of Oriental Gaps and Orifices

17:30 Reception by the Universitätsgesellschaft (UGV) / Piano Concert by Wolfgang Mechsner, University of Vechta

Thursday, 5 September

9:30 Chair: Norbert Lennartz (Vechta, DE)

Keynote III: Andrew Elfenbein (Minnesota, USA), What Is an Author (in Literary Scholarship)?

10:30 Coffee Break


Panel I: Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries

Chair: Angela Esterhammer (Toronto, CA)

Tilottama Rajan (Western Ontario, CA), Transgressing the Disciplines: John Hunter (1728-93) and the Threat of the Life Sciences

Alexandra Böhm (Erlangen, DE), Transgressive Encounters: Empathy with Animals in Literature and in Cultural Practices of the Romantic Period

Panel II: Transgressive Textuality I

Chair: Ralf Haekel (Gießen, DE)

Marie Hologa (Dortmund, DE), The Invention of Race - Racial Transgressions in Pro- and Anti-Slavery Writing (1770/80s)

Jonathan Gross (Chicago, USA), "No hopes for them as laughs": Byron's Transgressive Double Rhymes and the Career of Bernard-Henri Levy

12:30 Lunch Break

14:30 Trip to Bremen: Kunstmuseum, Rathaus, Stadtführung

19:00 Conference Dinner Ratskeller, Hauffsaal, Bremen

Friday, 6 September

9:30 Chair: Christoph Bode (Munich, DE)

Keynote IV: Ian Duncan (Berkeley, USA), Imps of the Perverse: Antinomian Aesthetics in Lewis, Hogg and Poe

10:30 Coffee Break


Panel I: Transgressive Women Writers I

Chair: Michael Meyer (Koblenz, DE)

Ralf Haekel (Gießen, DE), Transgressing Borders: Lady Morgan and Romantic Travel Writing

Pauline Hortolland (Paris ENS, FR), Mary Robinson's Poetics of Transgression in The Lyrical Tales

Madeline Joelson (Princeton, USA), Generic and Epistemological Borders: Endnoting Charlotte Smith's Elegiac Sonnets

Panel II: Transgressive Textuality II

Chair: Richard Lansdown (Groningen, NL)

Miriam Lahrsow (Tübingen, DE), Transgressing the Boundaries of the Text: Byron's Self-Annotations

Sebastian Domsch (Greifswald, DE), Transgressing (Story) Worlds

13:00 Lunch Break


Panel I: Narratological / Iconographical Transgressions

Chair: Frank Erik Pointner (Duisburg-Essen, DE)

Angela Esterhammer (Toronto, CA), Transgressing Truth: Theodore Hook and Fake News of Poyais

Silvia Riccardi (Freiburg, DE), Daphne's "youth renew" and Dido's "double death": Myth and Corporeal Distortions in Blake and Fuseli

Panel II: Transgressive Gothic

Chair: Diego Saglia (Parma, IT)

Swantje van Mark (Vechta, DE), Transgressive Vampirism in Byronic Literature

Katrin Röder (Potsdam, DE), Concepts of Gender Identity and Forms of Trans­gression in Eliza Parsons's Gothic Novels

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Chair: Jens Gurr (Duisburg-Essen, DE)

Keynote V: Richard C. Sha (Washington D.C., USA), When Transgression Is Required Can It Still Be Meaningful? Scientific Revolutions, Queer Theory, and Romanticism

17:00 Book Launches:

Conference Proceedings GER Bamberg, ed. Pascal Fischer

Ian Duncan, Human Forms: The Novel in the Age of Evolution. Princeton UP

17:30 Business Meeting International Association of Byron Societies (IABS)

19:30 Dinner at Restaurant Elmendorffburg, Vechta

Saturday, 7 September

9:30 Chair: Norbert Lennartz (Vechta, DE)

Keynote VI: Nicholas Roe (St Andrews, GB), Romantic Biography and the Secrets of the Dead

10:30 Coffee Break


Panel I: Transgressive Women Writers II

Chair: Cian Duffy (Lund, SE)

An Young-Ok (St Thomas Minnesota, USA), Double Transgression: Hemans, Landon and Necromancy

Oksun Kang (Pusan, KR), Reading Domestic Ideology in the Poetry of Felicia Hemans

Michael Meyer (Koblenz, DE), Mary Wollstonecraft: The Body of her Letters

Panel II: Comparative Approaches to Transgression

Chair: Leonore Sell (Vechta, DE)

Alexander Schlutz (New York, USA), "A poor, imprisoned animal": Persons, Property, and the Unnatural Nature of the Law (E.T.A. Hoffmann)

Kasahara Yorimichi (Tokyo, JP), Croly's Dying Warrior: The Roman Gladiator That Crossed the Boundary and Turned into Hermann/Arminius

Lola Abs Osta (Leicester, GB), Childe Harold's Melodic Journey and Crossing Media Borders in Franz Liszt's Music

13:00 Lunch Break

14:30 Business Meeting GER

Sunday, 8 September

8:00 Post-Conference Event in Hamburg: Concert Hall (Elbphilharmonie), Kunsthalle (Guided Tour of the Gallery for Romantic Paintings)

Farewell Dinner in Hamburg