Confirmed keynote speakers:

Ian Duncan (Berkeley, USA), Imps of the Perverse: Antinomian Aesthetics in Lewis, Hogg and Poe 

Andrew Elfenbein (Minnesota, USA), What Is an Author (in Literary Scholarship)? 

Denise Gigante (Stanford, USA), Transgressions in Taste: Libraries Ornamental, Gastronomical, and Bibliomaniacal 

Nicholas Roe (St Andrews, GB), Transgressive Reflections on Romanticism 

Diego Saglia (Parma, IT), Of Flesh and Boundaries: Romantic Transgressions of Oriental Gaps and Orifices 

Richard C. Sha (American University / Washington DC, USA), When Transgression Is Required Can It    Still Be Meaningful? Scientific Revolutions, Queer Theory, and Romanticism