You have several options to travel from various airports to Vechta:

Bremen, Hamburg, Hanover and Amsterdam

Choose which city is the best option for you to travel by plane first. The easiest way from there to get to Vechta is by train.


Arrival: Bremen Airport

Distance to Central Station: 13 min

  • Tram 6 (direction: Universität): Bremen Flughafen ➡ Bremen Hauptbahnhof 

Distance to Vechta: 1:02 h

  • Local train: Nordwestbahn (direction: Osnabrück) RB 58: Bremen Hauptbahnhof ➡ Vechta 


Arrival: Hamburg Airport 

Distance to Central Station: 24 min

  • S1 (direction: Ohlsdorf): Hamburg Airport ➡ Hamburg Hauptbahnhof
Distance to Vechta: 2:47 h
  • Metronom ME RB 41: Hamburg Hbf ➡ Bremen Hauptbahnhof
  • Nordwestbahn (direction: Osnabrück)  RB 58: Bremen Hauptbahnhof ➡ Vechta 


Arrival: Hannover Airport

Distance to Central Station: 17 min

  • S-Bahn S5 (direction: Bad Pyrmont Bahnhof): Langenhagen Flughafen ➡ Hannover Hauptbahnhof
Distance to Vechta: 3:04 h
  • RE 8: Hannover Hauptbahnhof ➡ Bremen Hauptbahnhof
  • Nordwestbahn (direction: Osnabrück) RB 58: Bremen Hauptbahnhof ➡ Vechta 


Arrival: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Distance to Central Station: 17 min

  • NS Sprinter: Schiphol Airport ➡ Amsterdam Centraal 

Distance to Vechta: 4:51 h

  • InterCity (direction: Berlin): Amsterdam Centraal ➡ Osnabrück Hauptbahnhof
  • Nordwestbahn (direction: Bremen) RB 58: Osnabrück Hauptbahnhof ➡ Vechta